Within clevr, no Save Button exists. Data entered into clevr saves automatically to the cloud meaning that you do not have to save manually. 

To trigger the Auto Save feature in clevr, you must click outside of the field you are working on. For example, once you have finished your data entry within a text field, clicking on the next element or field you need to work on will trigger the Auto Save.


Successful saving is indicated by the perimeter of the element or field you have modified turning green. If the field turns red it indicates that a problem has occurred and the data has NOT saved.

Common reasons the field would turn red:

  1. Too many characters in the field. The maximum character limit per text area is 4000 characters

  2. Loss of internet connection or weak internet connection

  3. Login Session has timed out

If you receive a red perimeter, you should immediately log out and back in to refresh your session.  Here are some steps you can take if you receive a red perimeter. CONTINUING DATA ENTRY WITHIN CLEVR AFTER A FIELD HAS TURNED RED WILL RESULT IN YOUR WORK BEING LOST:

  1. Copy the data from the red text areas into your word processing software of choice (Word, Excel, an email, etc). 

  2. Use the lock and key icon in the top left hand corner to log out of clevr

  3. Log back in to re-establish your connection

  4. Copy the data from where you saved it in the initial step and paste it back into clevr