version 8.0 release notes

Version 8.3.6

Release Date: December 12, 2016


  • Update to allow for SIS staff role alignment with clevr roles

  • Update to allow for the ability to “Import Data” into clevr forms from a Custom Web Service or Text File Integration

Version 8.3.5

Release Date: November 2016

active directory

  • Update to authenticate against Active Directory / LDAP systems without the need for a “match” between the clevr username and the SAMAccountName

Version 8.3.4

Release Date: November 2016

SDS data transfer

  • Update the Disability dropdown display values to match new Ministry values

  • Update to allow forms to be configured more efficiently for the Intensive Supports upload process

bug fixes

  • Auto-complete Fields - Corrected a timing issue when saving data in AutoComplete fields that are flagged as “Required” fields

  • Maplewood Integration - Students with ID numbers of all 000000000 were not integrating correctly. This issue has been resolved.

Version 8.3.3

Release Date: November 2016

bulk printing

  • Update to support filtering records by one or more selected values in a group of checkboxes

dynamic charting

  • Update to support filtering records by one or more selected values in a multi-select dropdown type element

  • Update to support newly added elements with long elementIds

Version 8.3.2

Release Date: November 10, 2016

bulk printing

  • Created the ability to use Bulk Printing for staff and school records

  • Enhancement to functionality to allow Bulk Print option for “All Locations”

bulk data entry

  • Enhancement to functionality to allow Bulk Data Entry option for “All Locations”

performance enhancements

  • Adjustments to Homescreen query to improve performance when filtering records

bug fixes

  • User Module

    • Apostrophes within usernames were breaking the JavaScript on the User Module. This issue has been corrected.

    • Additional data validation has been added to disallow passwords with quotes due to incompatibility with clevr security features and encryption in place on clevr passwords

Version 8.3.1

Release Date: October 2016

report editor

  • Resolved an issue preventing the Report Editor from loading

Version 8.3

Release Date: September 1st, 2016

report editor

  • New HTML Editor created for printouts

security enhancements

  • Additional AES encryption applied to all printouts and uploaded files


  • Shared forms can now be flagged as searchable, bulk data entry, SIS integration, clevr form integration, etc. using the clevr Editor

clevr Interface Improvements

  • User module now supports French accent characters in name fields

  • Improved spacing and consistency in the login and student listing screens.


  • Removal of Provincial tab and links to “broken” videos

  • Addition of 13 new forms!

bug fixes

  • Files and Links - File upload was previously allowing users to upload files with special characters in the filename causing an error when users tried to access the file through clevr. Special characters are now stripped out of the filename as files are uploaded to prevent errors.

  • French Menus - Security settings applied to options within the French menu are now working as expected

  • Forms - The French word “Ajouter” was replaced with “Add” when the first row within a dynamic add area was deleted. This issue has been resolved.

  • Dynamic Charting - Blank charts were being generated when charting data on newer clevr forms. This issue has been resolved.

Version 8.2

Release Date: June 2nd, 2016

clevr profile

  • New clevr module that shows a summary of all forms tied to a person


  • New dropdownchecklist type available

Performance improvements

  • Homescreen

  • Advanced Search

  • Bulk Data Entry

bug fixes

  • Maplewood Integration - Corrected an issue causing an error when a location was imported with a school ID number beginning with leading 0s

  • PowerSchool Integration

    • Routine was crashing when importing data from a location with a single staff member or single student - this issue has been resolved

    • Update to integration routine so that empty fields will not cause integration to crash

    • Update to allow specified locations for PowerSchool clients to be skipped by the nightly integration

  • Text File Integration

    • Update to text file integration to support special characters in the text files

    • Update to text file integration to import student grade when provided

  • SDS Data Submission

    • Update to XML submission for Saskatchewan Ministry SDS site so that we use board-specified student ID instead of clevr proprietaryId value

    • Generalize SPS Impact Assessment data extract process and terminology

  • Forms

    • Fixed an issue causing occasional duplicate records in repeatable areas

    • Fixed issue causing loading issues on some locked records due to misaligned elements

    • Replace asterisks in swear words with correct number of characters

    • Email action now looks at the status of the users returned in the search to avoid sending emails to users inactive at the location selected

    • Corrected issue causing display issues in read only mode with dropdowns tagged with “disabled” attribute (forced read only) rendering the when the page is set to readonly as well

    • Required field asterisk now appears beside the label for checkboxes marked as a required field

  • Editor

    • Fix display issue to align mouse pointer to new element when dragging and dropping a new element on a form

    • Fix to update labels on the fly in the Editor using IE11 (page refresh was previously required when using IE 11)

    • Removed the Create Custom Types option for all roles except clevr Admin

  • Advanced Search

    • Updated Homescreen search query to filter for role when role (other than student) is selected

    • Changed PDF file name from "TPM" to "clevr" in files saved from Advanced Search

  • Homescreen - Fixed bug that causes dropdowns on the Homescreen to appear empty after using the Editor

  • Bulk Printing - Bulk Printing lists are now filtered by class for roles limited to classes access

  • Tenant Module

    • Update to correct a display issue causing the initiatives tab to not consistently stretch to the width of the content within the tab

    • Page right control buttons created for Dynamic Charting, and Edit Record History

  • User Module - Fixed issue in the User Module where the Homescreen was being set but not saved

  • Behind the Scenes Fixes - Update to RemoveDuplicatePersons script to support cleaning duplicate person records when one person could have multiple legitimate proprietaryIds for a tenant