version 6.0 release notes

Version 6.3

Release Date: June 2014

maplewood integrtaion

  • Added the ability to integrate pre-registered students

Add Student screen

  • Added the ability to add multiple students to an initiative at once (Ex: all grade 3 students to the Running Records Assessment vs 1 student at a time)

  • Added the ability to specify default values when adding multiple students to an initiative through bulk data entry 

  • Remove references to the word “Student” in the add student screen (i.e. several implementations are now using clevr for “staff” forms)


  • Added the ability to filter for pre-registered students on the Homescreen

  • Added a role filter for districts using staff form implementations


  • Added the ability to specify required fields to match (Ex: school year) when integrating data between templates


  • Added the ability to have priority sorted fields appear at the top of the list within bulk data entry and advanced search

bug fixes

  • Editor

    • Radio buttons were not working when included within repeatable rows

    • Deleted element options not being completely removed as expected

    • No indication to the end user when a page was ‘loading’ into the staging area.  A spinner has been applied as a visual cue.

    • Apply rights functionality not working as expected when applying full access or full access + editor rights

    • Pages occasionally loading as blank pages within the editor

    • Could not click on or edit disabled elements in the editor.  Removed ‘disabled’ attribute from disabled elements when in edit mode

    • Unable to preview repeatable areas in preview mode

    • Roles dropdown not reflecting custom client roles when applying rights 

    • Warning message for hitting boundary line appearing when adding a tab attribute

    • Auto positioning not working when adding elements by clicking on a type, rather than drag and drop

  • Maplewood Integration - method to generate link to launch / auto log into clevr from Maplewood not consistently working as expected

  • Bulk Data Entry - Issues when rolling over records with dynamic adds (repeatable areas)

  • User Module - Could not include alphanumeric values in Local Id area when adding a new user

  • Email functionality - Difficult to select multiple recipients with using Internet Explorer

  • Template menu - Alignment was off.  The menu was too far over the right

  • Advanced Search - Not returning radio button field values as expected

  • Homescreen

    • Edit pencil icon not always navigating to student record on newer templates

    • Search values were not made persistent when users specified multiple search criteria 

Version 6.2

Release Date: March 24th, 2014


  • Added the ability to use multiple filters on the Homescreen

Form editor

  • Copy and paste functionality added to the Editor

  • Added the ability to use repeatable elements

  • Options are updated on page without a page refresh required

powerschool integration

  • Added the ability to integrate pre-registered students

advanced search

  • Searching multiple options within a dropdown or series of checkboxes returns results as an “OR” search

  • Enhanced functionality when searching radio buttons

  • Filter logic allows template developers to specify sort order on searchable fields - unnumbered search fields will appear after numbered items

bug fixes

  • User Accounts - Some users accounts with “all locations” were unable to change locations - this has been resolved

  • Bulk Data Entry - Fix deployed for Bulk Data Entry not working as expected with containers of checkboxes

  • Editor

    • Errors when creating new elements/templates in the editor has been resolved

    • Save draft saving to live intermittently has been resolved

    • Fixed the issue causing discard changes to occasionally failing to unlock template 

    • Fixed the issue causing discard changes not to clear template from staging area

  • Advanced Search and Dynamic Charting

    • Resolved an issue preventing filters from resetting when alternating between different initiatives using radio button selector

  • Import Data - resolved an issue causing import data to require a page refresh before displaying content

Version 6.1

Release Date: December 16th, 2013


  • Added the ability to email printouts to other users within the divison

  • New student banner on templates - includes current school, current grade, and legal name

Form editor

  • Created an Editor for clevr forms

  • Drag and drop functionality

  • Ability to apply rights using the editor

  • Ability to add initiatives using the editor

  • Ability to preview/publish templates to TPM

User module

  • Improved interface to assign all locations to a user

  • Improved user account searching (by location)

bug fixes

  • Advanced Search

    • Fix deployed for searching using multiple filters

    • Added the ability to search for multiple options within a dropdown or series of checkboxes

Version 6.0

Release Date: August 26th, 2013


  • Undo button created

  • Delete content in this tab functionality created

Add screen

  • Added the ability to filter students based on active / inactive status in the Add Screen

Tenant Logo and Location Logo Modules

  • Created two new modules so that districts can upload their own tenant or location logos