version 3.0 release notes

Version 3.4

Release Date: June 13 2011

Improved Record Management

  • Ability to create a new record from an existing record, and view record history for all plan records

Maplewood Integration Routines

  • Improved integration routines will allow for automatic, scheduled daily updates to student and staff biographical information

New TPM Menu system

  • New user friendly menu system to keep links organized

Spell Checking

  • Implementation of spell checker on all templates

Bug Fixes

  • Advanced search consistently lists values on groups of checkboxes

  • Can search by student number when adding a student to a grouping

  • Included a text label to specify the current initiative on all templates (where did not already exist)

Version 3.3

Release Date: March 2011

Password Change Screen

  • New screen to allow users to change their own passwords


  • New feature added to the auto save functionality to detect a failed save and automatically retry until successful, up to 5 times.

  • TPM will detect if a user has attempted to navigate off a page with unsaved information. After 5 unsuccessful attempts to save the data, the user is informed that a communication error has occurred.

required fields

  • TPM data entry fields can be flagged as required and inform the user if they attempt to navigate off a page without filling in a required field

User Module

  • Graphical User Interface allows faster additions/modifications to user accounts. This will reduce the wait time for LS Team to create user accounts.

  • The user admin module will be available to clients to manage their own user accounts in the TPM v4 – August 2011

Advanced search

  • Advanced search now supports filters and display of check box searches, as well as customizable Criteria type boxes

Dynamic Charting

  • Formatting improvements applied to the dynamic charting functionality

Quick search

  • Search is triggered when the user enters search criteria and hits the enter key (rather than needing to click the Search button) Improved appearance and functionality

Export to CSV, PDF

  • Users now have the ability to save Advanced Search results to CSV or PDF