Record Rollovers

A Record Rollover is a process used within clevr to archive records. It is typically performed once a year, usually during the summer after data entry within the current school year’s records is complete. During a rollover the current record is locked in the Record History and a clone is created to begin a record for the next year or semester. The school year field on the newly cloned record will be changed to the next school year.

Depending on preference, rollover may happen once a year when data entry for a form is complete, or between school semesters. Most districts / divisions opt to rollover records once a year.

Who Performs Record Rollovers?

Record Rollovers are usually performed by a district lead, not end users. You should not perform a Record Rollover unless you are sure about how the record management piece for the specified form works.

How to Perform a Record Rollover

A Record Rollover is performed via the Bulk Data Entry module. You can access this module on the Homescreen via clicking on Bulk > Bulk Data Entry.

Note: Rollovers can be performed for all locations at once or school by school. While rolling over records for the entire division at once is the easiest method, if your district is large or has many records you will need to go school by school.

Select either All locations or the first school in the top right dropdown. If you have a large district / division or if there are many records, you will need to perform the Rollover on one location at a time.

From the Home screen select the required school or All Locations, then select Bulk > Bulk Data Entry.

In the left hand column, select the form you would like to perform the Rollover on.

In the middle column you can apply a filter to narrow down your list of students if you only want to rollover a specific subset of records (Ex: specific grades). Applying a filter is not necessary so this step may be skipped.

Within the right hand column ensure all the required students are selected and click Next.

Please proceed with caution and follow the next steps precisely! Skipping
ahead can cause you to overwrite existing records!

In the Bulk Data Entry Specifics screen, the Records to be Updated column will display the list of students you selected in the previous input screen. In the middle column, you can select which fields you would like to be updated. You will always want to change school year to the next one. (Ex: if performing the Rollover in June of 2018, you will want to select 2018/2019).

In Bulk Data Entry Options you will need to select Record Rollover. Enter the name of the new record in the Record Description text area. We recommend [School Year] [Name of Form] which would look like this: 2018/2019 Individual Education Plan. In record status, you will want to select Active

When all these steps are complete, press the Update button.


It will take a few moments for the Rollover to process. Please be patient while this takes place. In extreme cases such as having a slow connection or rolling over a large number of records, it can upwards of 20 mins to process. While the Rollover is processing, DO NOT close the window, click the back button, or take any action to interrupt this process as it can cause you to ruin your records.

When the Rollover has finished processing you will receive a pop up telling you that records have been updated. If the rollover processed for an exceptionally long time, your page will refresh to the login screen. This is OK! When you log back in your records will be rolled over.


Verify that the Record Rollover was Successful

When the Rollover has finished processing, navigate to the Homescreen. If all the students on the Homescreen have a blue Information icon beside their record, then it is likely that you have updated the existing record instead of a Record Rollover. Hover over this icon to display the name of the user who last modified the record along with the date that the record was last updated. If you see your name and the date / time the Rollover was performed, see the Help! I think I messed up the Rollover! heading below.


If you do not see Information icons, you will still want to open the records of a few students to verify. Select a random student from the Homescreen and open their record. Navigate to Records > Record History.


In the Record History, you will want to check for the following items:

  1. Description column matches the name you entered in the Bulk Data Entry specifics screen

  2. Date created matches the time and date you performed the Rollover

  3. Record Status is active


Help! I think I messed up the Rollover!

If at any time you discover an issue with your Rollover, it is imperative that you take no action to correct this and contact the clevr support team immediately. Please use our Contact Us form.

clevr Record Rollover Webinar, May 14th 2019