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User Guide - English

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Add a Person to a Form

This section will walk you through adding new persons to a form to begin records for them.


Advanced Search and Saved Searches

Advanced Search allows you to build a custom report from data entered within clevr forms.



Alerts are messages used to communicate important information to end users that can be deployed to different areas within clevr such as the Homescreen, Dashboard, etc.


All Roles Dropdown

clevr forms are no longer restricted to just student forms; you can now have staff or school forms! The All Roles dropdown can be used to control which role you are viewing records for.


Bulk Data Entry

Bulk Data Entry is used to populate the same value into multiple records at a time.


Bulk Printing

Class sets of printouts can be generated in bulk using this module.


Clone Record

You can make an exact clone (copy) of a record in clevr with the click of a button.



The Dashboard is a landing page in clevr composed of different widgets.


Electronic Signature

You can now add your signature to any Report Editor printout with the click of a button if Electronic Signature functionality is enabled!


Email Scheduler

Advanced search results can now be scheduled and emailed to you on a regular basis for up to three locations at a time.


Files and Links

Some forms allow you to upload files to a record or add links. This section will walk you though everything to know about this feature!


Forgot Password?

If your division does not utilize active directory as the login method you can reset a forgotten password using this feature.


Grid View Data Entry

Update multiple entries at once with Grid View! You can insert different data into the same fields in the same session and you have a visual of which fields are being modified.


Groups and Classes

The Groups and Classes module allows you to add and manage custom groups within clevr and gives you a view of classes that have been imported into clevr from a SIS integration.


Homescreen Overview

The Homescreen is where most users land when they log in to clevr. This section will walk you through the Homescreen and all the features contained within it.


Import Data

Some specially marked fields within clevr forms are flagged to receive data from your SIS. This section will walk you through importing data into these fields.


Last Modified By

You can see the name of the last user who modified a record along with a date stamp in two places.


Linked Accounts

Users with multiple user accounts can navigate between them with Linked Accounts without need to re-enter their password each time.


Navigation Tips

This section will walk you through some basic navigation tips and tricks.



This section will outline all the different ways you can print within clevr.


Printing Support - Enable Popups

Popups must be enabled within your internet browser to print with clevr. This document will walk you through identifying your internet browser and enabling popups.


Record Rollover

A Record Rollover is a process used within clevr to archive records. It is typically performed once a year, usually during the summer after data entry is complete.


Record Status - Unlock Record

Check out this section to find out how you can change a record’s status from active to locked.



This section will outline how saving works in clevr.


SDS Process for Intensive Supports

SDS Data Transfer allows Saskatchewan districts to generate XML files of their IIP Intensive Support data to be submitted to the Ministry.


Student Profile

Student Profile is a module that gives users an overview of a specific student and the forms that have been created for them.


Student Status

In clevr students are filtered based on their status - acive, inactive, or pre-registered. Find out how to filter for students with different statuses in this article.


User Module

clevr user accounts can be created and managed within the clevr User Module. Create or delete accounts or reset passwords with this module.