Grid View Data Entry

With Grid View Data Entry, you are able to bulk update the records of many students at once. Unlike Bulk Data Entry, you can apply different information to the same fields in the same session and you have a visual of which fields are being modified.

Click on the Grid icon on the Homescreen to open up the Grid View Data Entry module.

Note: Forms/fields must be flagged for Grid View by the clevr team. Please enquire with clevr Support if you would like to add this functionality to your form.

Grid View is used to modify the current record only. When you open the module, you may notice that some fields already contain data. This is data that is present within the current record.

At the top of the Grid View page you will find some of the same options available on the Homescreen. Here is an overview of what these items do:

  • Form Dropdown - You can use this to switch forms

  • Search Parameters - Use this to apply different variables to narrow down your list of students. You are able to add up to three different variables by pressing the Add button.

  • Required Fields Completed - This option can be used on forms that have required fields. Selecting “Required Fields Completed” will show you only students who have 100% completion of all required fields while selecting “Required Fields Uncompleted” will show you students who do not yet have all fields filled out.


Names are displayed on the left side of the table. The column titles correspond to the name of the flagged fields available within the form. 

Grid View saving functions the same way that saving on a form works - the perimeter of the fields will turn green to indicate saving or red to indicate that they did not save.  

You can apply the value entered into the first field to all fields in the specific column by clicking on the download icon in the column name. Clicking this icon will cause a pop up message to appear asking you to confirm that you want to apply the first value to all fields. Click OK.