Electronic Signature

You can now add your signature to any Report Editor printout with the click of a button!

Scan a copy of your signature and make sure as much of the white space around the signature has been trimmed off as possible.

Sample with too much white space:


Sample with trimmed white space:


First you will need to upload your signature to the Signatures module. You can find this icon on the homescreen in the top left hand corner. Click on this icon to open a popup window.


In this popup window click the choose file button and navigate to where your signature has been saved on your computer. Click the upload file button to upload it to our server. Your signature will be encrypted upon upload.


Your form will be updated to include a new Digital Signature section. A Digital Signature differs from an Electronic Signature - an electronic signature is a way to attach an image of your physical signature to a printout, an electronic signature is a way to sign a form. Check the checkbox on the Digital Signature section on the form. This will populate your name into the name field.


Click the print button and the signature will be attached to your printout.