Alerts Module

Alerts are messages used to communicate important information to end users that can be deployed to different areas within clevr such as the Homescreen, Dashboard, etc. You can create, manage, and deploy Alerts via the Alerts Module.


The Alerts Module can be accessed by clicking on the Admin menu button and selecting Alerts.


When you access the Alerts Module it will look similar to the above screenshot. Each field has a different function.

Name: Enter the name of your alert - Ex: Dashboard Message

Tenant: This will display your School District or Division

Page Location: Select the location where you want the alert to appear. You have a choice of Dashboard, Login, Main, or Template.

Message Type: This field you would choose the type of message you would like to send out. You have a choice of Notice, Warning, Error, or Success.

  • Notice (blue icon): A notice Alert is a notice to users. Ex: “upcoming important dates

  • Warning (yellow icon): A warning Alert is something of importance. Ex: “maintenance of the site

  • Error (red icon): An error Alert notifies users of a possible bug in the system. The Alert may also include the expected resolution date. Ex: “IEP printout bug, expected date of resolution December 5th

  • Success (green icon): A success alert notifies users when something is fixed. Ex. “the IPRC fix is now in place

Sticky: This field pertains to whether or not you want the Alert to stick or disappear after a certain amount of time. If you select Yes, the Alert will not disappear and the next field isn’t necessary. If you select No then the Stay Time field will give you options for how long you want to Alert to appear.

Stay Time: This field is only active when Sticky is set to No. Here you select how long you want the Alert to appear for. You can select a time between 5 to 55 seconds.

Message Status: This field relates to the status of the current Alert. You can turn it Off, On or Schedule it for a certain time and date range.

Begin Date: Here you specify the time and date the Alert will begin appearing in the system.

End Date: Here you specify the time and date the Alert will stop appearing.
Note: The Begin Date and End Date fields will only appear when you have scheduled selected in the Message Status field.

Message: Here you type the message you want deployed system-wide to your users.

Once all the fields are filled out, click Submit. You will receive a message in the Results field letting you know the Alert was successful.